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Thu SEP 15, 2005
NE Java Users (NEJUG), "Using Code Metrics", 6PM, Sun Microsystems, Burlington
NE Info Security, "FBI Cyber Investigations/Perimeter Defense", 6:30, Microsoft, Waltham
NH .NET User Group, "VS 2005 Kick off", 6pm, BU Corp Educ Ctr, Tyngsboro
Merr Valley Linux Users, topic TBD, 6PM, Martha's Exchange, Nashua NH

Fri SEP 16, 2005
SIBMUG: A PC User Group, "Google Web search techniques", 7PM, McConnell Ctr, Dover NH
North Shore Computer Society, "Members Only - Computer Clinic", 7pm, Municipal Light, Peabody

Sat SEP 17, 2005
Retro-Computing Society of Rhode Island "open house at the new facility at Atlantic Mills"

Sun SEP 18, 2005
Swapfest:  "The Flea at MIT", 9am-2pm, Albany and Main Streets, Cambridge

Mon SEP 19, 2005
DotNetLearn study group meeting, 6-7PM, Microsoft, Waltham
DotNetLearn, "Basics of Visual C# .NET User Interface", 7PM, Microsoft, Waltham

Tue SEP 20, 2005
Small Business Server Open Meeting, 6PM, Microsoft, Waltham
Storage Networking, "Object-Oriented Disk-Based Backup", 6PM, Microsoft, Waltham
WebTech Chapter, "Aspect-Oriented Programming", 7PM, @IBM, Waltham
So NE Network Users, "Technical view of VOIP", 7PM, R Williams College, Providence RI

Wed SEP 21, 2005
Access Day "Introduction to Access", 9-12, Microsoft, Waltham
Access Day "Intermediate Access", 1-5, Microsoft, Waltham
Access Day "Access Developer", 5-8:30, Microsoft, Waltham
Boston Linux & Unix, "SELinux Overview", 7PM, MIT Bldg E-51, Room 315
MacWoburn, "Great Tiger Tips", 7PM, Woburn Senior Center
NE SMS Users, "Latest Products From 1E", 6PM, Fidelity, Marlborough
Avid Users "Xpress Pro and AVX Plug-ins on Tiger" 7-9, National Video, Brookline
Club Pocket PC - Boston "Meeting", 6:30, Microsoft, Waltham

Thu SEP 22, 2005
GBC/ACM and IEEE Computer Society, "Stream Processing Engines", 7PM, MIT Room 10-250

Sat SEP 24, 2005
SMPTE & SIGGRAPH, "An IMAX Technical Journey", 8:30am, Film at 10:30, $, Jordan's, Reading

Tue SEP 27, 2005
Boston SPIN "50 Years of SW Development -- Lessons from the Ancients" 6-8:30, Mitre, Bedford
Ind Computer Consultants, "Adopting The Unified Process", 6PM, Hynes Convention Center, Room 312
SharePoint Users, topic TBA, 6PM, Microsoft, Waltham
AppleScript Users introductory meeting, MIT Building E51, Room 372

Wed SEP 28, 2005
IEEE Consultants Network, topic TBA, 7PM, Sheraton Lexington

Thu SEP 29, 2005
Data Mgmt Assn, "An Enterprise Model: Where does my meta-data fit in?", 9-11AM, location TBA
Final Cut Pro, "The Power of Color", 6PM, @National Boston, Dummer St, Boston
Oracle Users DBA SIG, "Advanced Research Techniques", 6:30, 10 Van De Graaff Dr, Burlington

Wed OCT 05, 2005
Worcester Linux Users, topic TBD, 7PM, Access Grid Room, WPI Campus

Thu OCT 06, 2005
Visual Basic Pro, "VB Development Utilities Roundup", 6:15, Microsoft, Waltham

Tue OCT 11, 2005
Autodesk Users, "Civil Topics, CUI & Workspaces", 6PM, S.E.A., Cambridge
Northeast Autosys User Group, "Fall 2005 Meeting", 9am-3pm, Computer Associates, Framingham
Network Users (BNUG), "IP & Packet Based Networks", 7PM, Mt Ida College, Newton
NH Seacoast Mac Users, topic TBD, 7PM, Rye Jr High School

Wed OCT 12, 2005
Exchange Server, "Secure Messaging", 6:30, Microsoft, Waltham
Back Bay LISA, "automated Linux installation", 7pm, MIT E51-149
.NET Users, "Technology Study Group", 5:00, Microsoft, Waltham
.NET Users, "What's New in VB.NET 2005 and Mobility", 6:30, Microsoft, Waltham

Sun OCT 16, 2005
Swapfest:  "The Flea at MIT", 9am-2pm, Albany and Main Streets, Cambridge

Wed OCT 19, 2005
Boston Linux & Unix, topic TBD, 7PM, MIT Bldg E-51, Room 315
MacWoburn, "TBA", 7-9 PM, Woburn Senior Center

Thu OCT 20, 2005
NE Java Users (NEJUG), topic TBD, 6PM, Sun Microsystems, Burlington
NH .NET User Group, "Personalized Sites w ASP.NET 2.0 and C#", 6pm, BU Educ Ctr, Tyngsboro
GBC/ACM, "The Future of the Internet", 7-9, MIT E51-325
NE Information Security "Securing the Desktop - Enterprise Security" 6:30 pm, Microsoft, Waltham

Fri OCT 21, 2005
Computer Measurement Group quarterly meeting, 9AM-4PM, Wyndham Hotel, Westborough

Wed OCT 26, 2005
Microsoft Office Project, "Portfolio Management and IT Governance", 5:30-8:30, Burlington Marriott

Wed NOV 02, 2005
Worcester Linux Users, topic TBD, 7PM, Access Grid Room, WPI Campus

Thu NOV 03, 2005
Beantown.NET - INETA Sponsored - Martin Shoemaker: "UML Applied" - Boston
Visual Basic Pro, "New VB Book by Jesse Liberty", 6:15, Microsoft, Waltham

Tue NOV 08, 2005
Autodesk Users, "Revit, Page setup, plotting and publishing", 6PM, S.E.A., Cambridge

Wed NOV 09, 2005
Back Bay LISA, "How to Really Scare Microsoft", 7pm, MIT E51-149
Exchange Server, "Disaster Recovery Panel", 6:30, Microsoft, Waltham

Thu NOV 10, 2005
NE C# Users, "C# 2.0 Generics", 5:30, So NH Univ Culinary Arts Bldg

Wed NOV 16, 2005
MacWoburn, "TBA", 7-9 PM, Woburn Senior Center

Thu NOV 17, 2005
NE Java Users (NEJUG), topic TBD, 6PM, Sun Microsystems, Burlington
GBC/ACM "Introduction to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)", 7-9,  IBM, Waltham
NE Information Security and Windows Server "topic to be announced" 6:30 pm, Microsoft, Waltham

Thu DEC 01, 2005
VB Pro/Beantown .NET, "INETA - Visual Studio 2005 Community Event", 6:15, Microsoft, Waltham
GBC/ACM, "Graphic Techniques for Data Visualization", 7-9, MIT Room E51-345

Wed DEC 07, 2005
Worcester Linux Users, changed to "December 15 Wednesday" (sic)

Tue DEC 13, 2005
Autodesk Users, "Building systems, Dimensioning, Hatch and Text", 6PM, S.E.A., Cambridge

Wed DEC 14, 2005
Back Bay LISA, topic TBD, 7pm, MIT E51-149
Boston .NET User Group "Annual Holiday Party Potluck" 6-8pm, Microsoft, Waltham

Thu DEC 15, 2005
NH .NET User Group, topic TBD, 6pm, BU Corp Educ Ctr, Tyngsboro
Worcester Linux Users, topic TBD, 7PM, Access Grid Room, WPI Campus

Thu JAN 05, 2006
Visual Basic Pro, topic TBD, 6:15, Microsoft, Waltham

Wed JAN 11, 2006
Boston .NET User Group, "Visual Studio 2005 Community Launch Event", 6PM, Microsoft, Waltham

Wed JAN 18, 2006
MacWoburn, "SanFrancisco Macworld in Review", 7-9 PM, Woburn Senior Center

Thu FEB 02, 2006
Visual Basic Pro, "Real-time monitoring with AVICode", 6:15, Microsoft, Waltham

Events, Conferences, Education and Training:

SEP 24-25, 2005
.NET Code Camp 4: Developers Gone Wild, Microsoft, Waltham

SEP 27, 2005
Final Cut Studio: The Production Box Set, 6:30PM, Future Media Concepts, Cambridge

SEP 26-30, 2005
IEEE International Cluster 2005 Conference, Marriott, Burlington

OCT 04, 2005
Methods and Masters: The VB Upgrade Tour, 6-9PM, Microsoft, Waltham

OCT 06, 2005
InfoXchange 2005, SwANH 11th Annual Conference, Wayfarer Inn, Bedford NH

OCT 22, 2005
SQL Server Programming, Mini Code Camp, 8:30AM, Microsoft, Waltham

MAY 30-JUN 3, 2006
USENIX Annual Technical Conference, "Training, Technical Sessions, workshops, more", Boston

JUN 11-16, 2006
Microsoft Tech Ed 2006 Convention, Boston Convention & Expo Ctr


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DevelopMentor Training Classes, Cummings Park, Woburn.

Future Media Concepts provides training in all areas of digital media

Pinnacle Training has continuing Microsoft-related courses at Westborough and Braintree

Apple seminars  MA NH RI

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