Become a "BUGC Data Miner"

We need help to produce the best, most useful list of computer group meetings for our area.

This can be a simple as sending us information for a single meeting, or you can get involved in updating the entire list. No special skills are required. We will help you at whatever level you wish to participate.

We search our list or user groups manually (very time consuming) and use automated tools. We have now been doing this for eleven years and would like to spread the load. If you can help, please contact us at by email at Submit08 [AT] bugc [DOT] org (replace the at and dot).

You can also help by just finding a meeting or update that we haven't reported and tell us about it. You can make our work easier by suggesting a one-line description and by including the appropriate web URL.

Please forward email notices that should be added to our listings. We usually do not post notices that are duplications of web site information.

You can become familiar with all the groups in the area by searching our list of user group urls. We search this list at irregular intervals, so let us know if you find anything that we have not reported. Suggestions for improvment to this list are always welcome.

We do not show events without specific evidence that they are likely to take place. This differentiates BUGC from other calendars that are driven by a "second Tuesday" algorithm.

Please write to us if you have any questions.

Al and Mike
Keepers of the BUGC calendar.

Rev. 12/24/08