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Thu NOV 10, 2005
Data Mgmt Assn, "Enterprise Content Management", 3-5PM, Bank of America, Waltham
NE C# Users, "C# 2.0 Generics", 5:30, So NH Univ Culinary Arts Bldg
NE SQL Server, "SQL Server Auditing & Security", 6PM, Microsoft, Waltham
Final Cut Pro, "FC Pro 5/ Final Effects/Film Plug-ins", 6:30, BU Ctr for Digital Imaging Arts, Waltham
Rhode Island Macintosh Users Group "Q's and A's Tiger" 7:30 pm, Davies Career Technical High School
No Shore Comp Soc, "Galaxy Internet Services", 7PM, Higgins Middle School, Peabody
CocoaHeads Boston next meeting, 7PM, MIT Bldg E51, Rm 145

Sat NOV 12, 2005
Visually Impaired and Blind "Victor Classic Plus DAISY book player" 1-4,  Nat'l Braille Press, Boston

Mon NOV 14, 2005
Worcester Comp Soc, topic TBD, 6:30, Worcester State College student center

Tue NOV 15, 2005
So NE Network Users, "Windows Sofware Update Server", 7PM, Roger Williams Coll, Prov RI
Boston SPIN, "Coping with Litigation in IT Project Failures", 6-8:30, MITRE Corporation, Bedford
Storage Networking, "Disaster Recovery for the Masses", 6PM, Microsoft, Waltham
ACM Web Tech, "Ruby on Rails", 7PM, IBM Innovation Ctr, Waltham

Wed NOV 16, 2005
Access Day, "Introduction to Access", 9:30AM-Noon, Microsoft, Waltham
Access Day, "Intro to VBA Pt 2 of 5", 1-4PM, Microsoft, Waltham
Access Day, "Access Developer", 4-8:30PM, Microsoft, Waltham
MacWoburn, "TBA", 7-9 PM, Woburn Senior Center
Boston Linux & Unix "Time Management for System Administrators", 7PM, MIT Bldg E-51, Room 315
DataCAD Users, "DBUG's 18th Anniversary Meeting", 6PM, World Trade Center, Boston
Club Pocket PC - Boston, "next meeting", 6:30 PM, Microsoft, Waltham

Thu NOV 17, 2005
NE Java Users (NEJUG), "Java Puzzlers", 6PM, Sun Microsystems, Burlington
GBC/ACM and IEEE Computer "Introduction to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)", 7-9,  IBM, Waltham
NE Info Security and Windows Server, "SQL Server 2005, Active Directory" 6:30 pm, Microsoft, Waltham
Boston-IA, "Testing Software with JAWS and ZoomText", $, 7-9 pm, Bentley College, Waltham
MerriLUG Linux Users, "Open Mike Night", 6PM, Martha's Exchange, Nashua NH

Fri NOV 18, 2005
No Shore Comp Soc computer clinic, 7PM, Peabody Municipal Light

Sat NOV 19, 2005
The Retro-Computing Society of RI  "Data General NOVA 840", Atlantic Mills, Providence
Rhode Island Macintosh Users Group "Open Forum" 10 am-1 pm, Davies Career Technical High School

Mon NOV 21, 2005
Boston Java Meetup, "profiling: experience, tools, results", 7:00 PM, Boaton

Tue NOV 29, 2005
Boston Water User Group, "Next Meeting", 7 pm, One Broadway, Cambridge
Ind Comp Consultants $, "Secrets of Rapid Networking", 6PM, Rebecca's Cafe, Burlington $
PC Users Group of RI, topic TBD, 7PM, NE Inst of Tech, Warwick RI

Thu DEC 01, 2005
VB Pro/Beantown .NET, "INETA - Visual Studio 2005 Community Event", 6:15, Microsoft, Waltham
GBC/ACM and IEEE Computer, "Immersive Virtual Reality", 7-9, MIT Room E51-345

Wed DEC 07, 2005
Worcester Linux Users, changed to "December 15 Wednesday" (sic)
NH SQL Server User Group, "TBD", 7pm, New Horizons, Nashua

Sat DEC 10, 2005
Boston Linux & Unix, "Linux InstallFest XIX", 1-3:30 pm, WCVB-TV Channel 5, Needham

Tue DEC 13, 2005
Autodesk Users, "Building systems, Dimensioning, Hatch and Text", 6PM, S.E.A., Cambridge
Final Cut Pro December Social, 6:30, location TBA
Gr Boston Network Users Group "Overview Of Storage Area Networks", 7-9 pm, Mt Ida College, Newton,"Eclipse platform architecture", 7-9 pm, IBM, Lexington

Wed DEC 14, 2005
Back Bay LISA, "LISA Recap", 7PM, MIT E51-149
Boston .NET User Group "Annual Holiday Party Potluck" 6-8pm, Microsoft, Waltham
SW Quality Group, "Top Ten Opinions About Testing", 6PM, Sun Microsystems, Burlington
Boston Macintosh User Group (BMac), "Podcasting: primer on getting started", 7-9 pm, MIT Building E51

Thu DEC 15, 2005
NH .NET User Group, topic TBD, 6pm, BU Corp Educ Ctr, Tyngsboro
Worcester Linux Users, topic TBD, 7PM, Access Grid Room, WPI Campus
NE Info Security "... in the Next Decade & Securing the Desktop" 6:30 pm, Microsoft, Waltham

Sat DEC 17, 2005
The Retro-Computing Society of RI  "open house at the new facility at Atlantic Mills", Providence

Mon DEC 19, 2005
NE Info Security "Technical Briefing - SQL Server 2005" 6:30 pm, Microsoft, Waltham

Tue DEC 20, 2005
So NE Network Users, "A preview of Vista", 7PM, Roger Williams Coll, Prov RI
Storage Networking, "Backup & Recovery Crash Course", 6PM, Microsoft, Waltham

Wed DEC 21, 2005
Boston Linux & Unix, "Beowulf: The Latest Scoop", 7PM, MIT Bldg E-51, Room 315

Thu JAN 05, 2006
Visual Basic Pro, "AJAX - What is it?", 6:15, Microsoft, Waltham

Tue JAN 10, 2006
Network Users (BNUG), "Open Source alternatives", 7PM, Mt Ida College, Newton

Wed JAN 11, 2006
Boston .NET User Group, "Visual Studio 2005 Community Launch Event", 6PM, Microsoft, Waltham
SW Quality Group, "Proactive UAT", 6PM, Sun Microsystems, Burlington
Back Bay LISA, "Time Management", 7PM, MIT E51-149

Thu JAN 12, 2006
NE Java Users (NEJUG), "Struts 2006", 6PM, Sun Microsystems, Burlington

Wed JAN 18, 2006
MacWoburn, "SanFrancisco Macworld in Review", 7-9 PM, Woburn Senior Center
Boston Linux & Unix, "Maddog's World Tour", 7PM, MIT Room TBD

Thu JAN 19, 2006
GBC/ACM, "Conveying the Scent of Information", 7PM, location TBD

Thu FEB 02, 2006
Visual Basic Pro, "Real-time monitoring with AVICode", 6:15, Microsoft, Waltham

Wed FEB 08, 2006
SW Quality Group, "Preparing for Your Next Job", 6PM, Sun Microsystems, Burlington

Thu FEB 09, 2006
NE Java Users (NEJUG), "Java Concurrency", 6PM, Sun Microsystems, Burlington

Tue FEB 14, 2006
Network Users (BNUG), "Open Source alternatives", 7PM, Mt Ida College, Newton

Wed FEB 15, 2006
Boston Linux & Unix, "Overview of Plone, a Content Management System", 7PM, MIT  Room TBD

Thu MAR 02, 2006
Visual Basic Pro, topic TBD, 6:15, Microsoft, Waltham

Wed MAR 08, 2006
SW Quality Group, "Software Quality, CMM and LEAN", 6PM, Sun Microsystems, Burlington

Thu APR 06, 2006
Visual Basic Pro, "Personalized Sites with ASP.NET and VB", 6:15, Microsoft, Waltham
Comp Measurement Group, topic and location TBD

Wed APR 12, 2006
SW Quality Group, "Testing for Different Dev Processes, Industries", 6PM, Sun Micro, Burlington

Wed JUN 14, 2006
SW Quality Group, "Introduction to Function Points", 6PM, Sun Microsystems, Burlington

Wed JUL 12, 2006
SW Quality Group, "Annual Hot Topics Night", 6PM, Sun Microsystems, Burlington

Events, Conferences, Education and Training:

NOV 08-10, 2005
Migrating to Linux for Device Software seminar, Westford Regency Inn, Westford MA

NOV 15-17, 2005
Build Boston, Seaport World Trade Center

NOV 16, 2005
FREE Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio 2005 First Look, 6-9pm, Microsoft, Waltham

DEC 01, 2005
Wide Area Storage Net: Server Consolidation & Data Protection Across WAN 9-2, Microsoft, Waltham

DEC 15, 2005
SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005 Launch, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

JAN 25, 2006
Oracle Winter Training Day, Bentley College, Waltham

APR 03-06, 2006
LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

MAY 30-JUN 03, 2006
USENIX Annual Technical Conference, "Training, Technical Sessions, workshops, more", Boston

JUN 11-16, 2006
Microsoft Tech Ed 2006 Convention, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

JUL 30 - AUG 03, 2006
SIGGRAPH 2006 International Conference, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center


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