Be a "BUGC Data Miner"

Become part of producing the best, most useful list of computer group meetings in the area.

You can help us make it even better. No special skills are required. We will display your name in a "Current Data Miner" list.

In order to help, just find a meeting or update that we haven't reported and send the info to

It will help to suggest a one-line definition in our listing style, and include the URL that would be appropriate.

For email notices, just forward the email to us so we can add it to our monthly notices. We usually do not post notices that are duplications of web site information.

You can search our list of user group urls. You can try using same window to display in only one window, or use the multi-window version. Please send us suggestions for improvements to this list.

A large part of our support effort goes to to identifying new meetings and events. We do not add listings without specific evidence that the event is likely to take place. This differentiates BUGC from other calendars that are driven by a "second Tuesday" algorithm.

Your assistance can help us to discover additional events and to provide faster response to meeting announcements.

Please write to us if you have any questions.

Al and Mike
Keepers of the BUGC calendar.