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User Group events:

November 30, 1999
SWEQSIG, "CSQE Certification Overview", 7:30, St. Anselm's, Manchester NH
GB/SIGCHI "Tour of the Sun Microsystems Usability Lab" 7pm Burlington MA

December 1, 1999
MIMC Holiday Cyberbrew Party, 6:30, Venue, Warrenton St, Boston

December 2, 1999
VB Pro Users monthly meeting, 5:30, @MSFT Waltham
Seltzer's Chat returns: "eBay the Smart Way" 12-1

December 3, 1999
SAS Users Group, "Web Based Information Delivery", 8:30AM, Wyndham Garden, Burlington

December 6, 1999
Windows Tech Forum,"Partition Magic, Drive Copy, Drive Image, Server Magic. etc", 6:30, @MSFT Waltham
Women in Computing, members' holiday party, Newton

December 7, 1999
SW Assurance Forum  "Deriving Test Cases from Use Cases", 6:30, Lotus, Cambridge
Digital Commerce Society "Trustable Internet Time" 12, Harvard Club Boston $$
So. NH Netware Users, "Cytrix", 6:30, Hampshire Plaza, Manchester NH

December 8, 1999
SW Quality Group, "Test Automation Panel Discussion", 6:15, Sun Microsystems, Burlington
Domino & Notes SIG "Net Object Fusion" prelim
Access Client/Server monthly meeting, 5:30, Daniel Webster College, Nashua NH

December 9, 1999
NE SQL Server, "Component Oriented Middleware", 5:30, @MSFT Waltham
Webgrrls Chapter, "Computers & High School Education", 7:00, @MIT, room 6-120
RIMUG Holiday Party, 7:30, Davis Career & Tech, Lincoln RI

December 13, 1999
Worcester Comp Soc, "GAMES, GAMES, and more GAMES", 6:45, EcoTarium, Worcester

December 14, 1999
NH Seacoast Mac Users monthly meeting, 7:00, Rye Jr HS, Rye NH
Web-Net Group, "E-Company Valuations", 7:00, @MIT Sloan E51, Room 345

December 15, 1999
SneNUG, "Launching and Deploying Windows 2000", 7:00, Core Business Tech, E. Providence
Boston Linux and Unix "Network Security" 7pm MIT Building 3-133
MacWoburn User Group "topic TBA"  @New Horizons, Burlington
GBC/ACM "Donald E. Knuth on MMIX" 7:00 pm, MIT room 10-250

December 16, 1999
Palm Users Holiday Party and Trade Faire, 6:30, @MIT, Bldg NW 17-218

December 20, 1999
Delphi Developers Group "No Regular Meeting in December"

December 21, 1999
Exchange Users bi-monthly meeting, 6:30, @MSFT Waltham

January 5, 2000
MIMC CyberBrew, 6:30, Trattoria Il Panino, Boston

January 10, 2000
Worcester Comp Soc, "Upgrade Your Computer's OS", 6:45, EcoTarium, Worcester
MIMC CyberSalon, 6:30, Harvard Faculty Club, Cambridge

January 11, 2000
Tentative NESQAF Meeting

January 12, 2000
SW Quality Group, "Turning Around Software Projects", 6:15, Sun Microsystems, Burlington
SIGGRAPH "Expo, Animation Screening, Career Fair" 6:30-11pm. Tang Center MIT

January 13, 2000
NE SQL Server, "Security & References", 5:30, @MSFT Waltham
Webgrrls Chapter monthly meeting, 7:00, @MIT, room 1-190

January 17, 2000
MIMC HyperLink, 6:00, One Main St, Cambridge

January 18, 2000
Women in Computing monthly meeting, Wyndham Garden, Waltham

January 19, 2000
SneNUG, "Symantec Programs", 7:00, Core Business Tech, E. Providence
Linux & Unix "GNU/Linux, Internet, Aftermath of Y2K" 7pm MIT Building 3-133

January 24, 2000
BWUG, "Personal Finl Data/Taxes", 7:00, @MSFT Waltham
Delphi Developers Group "Delphi Programming Techniques" Allaire, Cambridge

January 25, 2000
Microsoft Developers, "VBA in Office 2000", 6:30, @MSFT Waltham
SWEQSIG, "Inch-Pebbles", 7:30, @Adaptec, Nashua NH

February 1, 2000
Tentative NESQAF Meeting

February 9, 2000
SW Quality Group, "SQA Engineering", 6:15, Sun Microsystems, Burlington

February 10, 2000
NE SQL Server, "Data Warehouse", 5:30, @MSFT Waltham
Webgrrls Chapter monthly meeting, 7:00, @MIT, room 1-190

February 16, 2000
SneNUG monthly meeting, 7:00, Core Business Tech, E. Providence

February 21, 2000
Women in Computing monthly meeting, Wyndham Garden, Waltham

February 22, 2000
Microsoft Developers, "Introducing COM+", 6:30, @MSFT Waltham

March 8, 2000
SW Quality Group, "Configuration Management", 6:15, Sun Microsystems, Burlington

March 15, 2000
SneNUG, "Powerquest Server Magic", 7:00, Core Business Tech, E. Providence

March 28, 2000
Microsoft Developers, "Introducing XML", 6:30, @MSFT Waltham

April 12, 2000
SW Quality Group, "Meaningful Metrics ", 6:15, Sun Microsystems, Burlington

July 12, 2000
SW Quality Group "Hot Topics", 6:15, Sun Microsystems, Burlington

Selected Commercial Events: December 1, 1999 Bob & Larry's Developer Retreat, @Marriott Hotel, Providence RI December 9, 1999 Bob & Larry's Developer Retreat, @MSFT Waltham January 12, 2000 Windows 2000 Migration Planning, 8:30AM-Noon, @MSFT Waltham February 7-11, 2000 Seybold Publishing 2000 seminars, Hynes Convention Ctr, Boston March 23, 2000 Boston Quality Conference, Marriott Hotel, Burlington April 18-20, 2000 DCI’s Database 2000, Westin Hotel, Boston
Computer Education and Training: December 1, 1999 NSCS: Spreadsheets with Excel, 7:00, St John's School, Peabody December 8, 1999 NSCS: Investing With the Internet, 7:00, St John's School, Peabody December 8-10, 1999 Logical Data Analysis & Modeling for the Data Warehouse, Boston December 13, 1999 Product Usability: Survival Techniques, Andover December 14, 1999 Techniques for Complex Applications, Andover February 14-15, 1999 Web Sites that Work, Cambridge February 16, 1999 Product Usability: Survival Techniques, Cambridge March 13-17, 1999 Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Seminars, Crowne Plaza, Woburn The IEEE Boston Section posts local courses at
Cambridge Center for Adult Education Call (617) 547-6789 or check the courses available at WorldTRAIN Online Classes
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