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November 1, 1999
Windows Tech Forum, "Exchange Server Collaboration with Outlook", 6:30, @MSFT Waltham
Paradox User's Forum "Automated Use of Paradox for Windows" 6:45 Burlington, MA

November 2, 1999
DCSB  "Electronic Commerce & Bankruptcy" 12-2 PM,  Harvard Club, Boston $$
SNNUG, "NDS For NT", 6:30, Hampshire Plaza, Manchester NH

November 3, 1999
BANTSUG monthly meeting, 7:00, @MSFT Waltham
MacTechGrp "iThink,iMac,iBook" & "The 9 Lives of OS 9", 7:00, MIT E51-395

November 4, 1999
VB Pro Users, "Building a Web Class in VB6", 5:30, @MSFT Waltham
Computer Measurement Group "the overall performance puzzle" full day, Randolph

November 5, 1999
NSCS Computer Clinic, 7:00, Peabody Municipal Light, Peabody

November 6, 1999
Microsoft eXtreme #5 Satellite Broadcast, 1:00-3:00, Copley New England, Boston
VIBUG, "On-Line Shopping", 1-4PM, Natl Braille Press, Boston

November 8, 1999
Worcester Comp Soc, "Getting Images in (and out of) Your Computer", 6:45, EcoTarium, Worcester

November 9, 1999
Windows 2000 Customer Preview Tour: Hosted by CONE  7pm John Hancock Hall 
NH Seacoast Mac Users monthly meeting, 7:00, Rye Jr HS, Rye NH
Web-Net Group, "Building Secure Portals", 7:00, @MIT Sloan E51, Room 345
NESOFTDEV monthly meeting, 7:00, Cafeteria at Prospect Place, Waltham

November 10, 1999
SW Quality Group, "Managing for Success", 6:15, Sun Microsystems, Burlington
MIMC "CyberBrew", 6:30, Trattoria Il Panino, Boston
Domino & Notes SIG "C&S"   Tentative
Windows 2000 Migration Planning, 8:30AM, @MSFT Waltham
Access Client/Server monthly meeting, 5:30, Daniel Webster College, Nashua NH

November 11, 1999
NE SQL Server, "SQL Server 7.0 Performance & Tuning", 5:30, @MSFT Waltham
NE Palm Users, "Smart Handheld Devices, PalmSource Wrap-up", 6:30, @IBM Waltham
Webgrrls Chapter, "Online Marketing", 7:00, Charles River Public Internet Ctr, Waltham

November 16, 1999
MIMC, "Hyperlink", 7:00, Kendall Sq, Cambridge
SPIN, "Good Enough Quality", 6:30, General Dynamics, Needham
Independent Computer Consultants "CONTRACTS" Oracle, Waltham
Front Page, "Behind the Scenes at a Web Server Farm", 6:30, @US Data Centers, Marlboro

November 17, 1999
Boston Linux and Unix UG "MicroOptical Eyeglass Display" MIT Room TBD
SneNUG, "Automating MS Product Installation", 7:00, Core Business Tech, E. Providence
Women in Computing, "Aftermath of the BPL Flood", 5:30, Hilton at Dedham Place
MIMC CyberSalon, $ "The Power of the Online Network" 6:30, Omni Parker House, Boston $
AIP-Boston  "The MP3 audio standard" 6:30 (Where?)

November 19, 1999
NSCS Computer Clinic, 7:00, Peabody Municipal Light, Peabody

November 22, 1999
BWUG, "Installing Win 2000 to Double-boot with Win 98", 7:00, @MSFT Waltham

November 23, 1999
PC Users Group of RI monthly meeting, 7:00, NE Inst of Technology, Warwick RI
Microsoft Developers, "Introducing Active Server Pages", 6:30, @MSFT Waltham

November 30, 1999
SWEQSIG, "ASQC Certification", Adaptec, Nashua NH

December 1, 1999
BANTSUG monthly meeting, 7:00, @MSFT Waltham

December 2, 1999
VB Pro Users monthly meeting, 5:30, @MSFT Waltham

December 3, 1999
SAS Users Group, "Web Based Information Delivery", 8:30AM, Wyndham Garden, Burlington
Delphi Developers Group "Introduction To Java and JBuilder3" (prelim)

December 6, 1999
Windows Tech Forum,"Partition Magic, Drive Copy, Drive Image, Server Magic. etc", 6:30, @MSFT Waltham
Women in Computing, members' holiday party, Newton

December 7, 1999
Software Quality Assurance Forum  "Use Cases and Test Planning" Lotus, Cambridge

December 8, 1999
SW Quality Group, "Test Automation Panel Discussion", 6:15, Sun Microsystems, Burlington
Domino & Notes SIG "Net Object Fusion" prelim

December 9, 1999
NE SQL Server, "Systems Performance Monitoring", 5:30, @MSFT Waltham
Webgrrls Chapter, "Computers & High School Education", 7:00, @MIT, room 1-190

December 13, 1999
Worcester Comp Soc, "GAMES, GAMES, and more GAMES", 6:45, EcoTarium, Worcester

December 14, 1999
NH Seacoast Mac Users monthly meeting, 7:00, Rye Jr HS, Rye NH

December 15, 1999
SneNUG, "Launching and Deploying Windows 2000", 7:00, Core Business Tech, E. Providence
Boston Linux and Unix "Network Security" 7pm MIT Building 3-133

December 16, 1999
Palm Users monthly meeting, 6:30, @IBM Waltham

December 21, 1999
Exchange Users bi-monthly meeting, 6:30, @MSFT Waltham

January 5, 2000
BANTSUG monthly meeting, 7:00, @MSFT Waltham

January 11, 2000
Tentative NESQAF Meeting

January 12, 2000
SW Quality Group, "Turning Around Software Projects", 6:15, Sun Microsystems, Burlington

January 13, 2000
NE SQL Server, "Security & References", 5:30, @MSFT Waltham
Webgrrls Chapter monthly meeting, 7:00, @MIT, room 1-190

January 18, 2000
Women in Computing monthly meeting, Wyndham Garden, Waltham

January 19, 2000
SneNUG, "Symantec Programs", 7:00, Core Business Tech, E. Providence
Linux & Unix "GNU/Linux, Internet, Aftermath of Y2K" 7pm MIT Building 3-133

February 1, 2000
Tentative NESQAF Meeting

February 2, 2000
BANTSUG monthly meeting, 7:00, @MSFT Waltham

February 9, 2000
SW Quality Group, "SQA Engineering", 6:15, Sun Microsystems, Burlington

February 10, 2000
NE SQL Server, "Data Warehouse", 5:30, @MSFT Waltham
Webgrrls Chapter monthly meeting, 7:00, @MIT, room 1-190

February 16, 2000
SneNUG monthly meeting, 7:00, Core Business Tech, E. Providence

February 21, 2000
Women in Computing monthly meeting, Wyndham Garden, Waltham

March 7, 2000
Tentative NESQAF Meeting

March 15, 2000
SneNUG, "Powerquest Server Magic", 7:00, Core Business Tech, E. Providence

April 4, 2000
Tentative NESQAF Meeting

May 2, 2000
Tentative NESQAF Meeting

June 6, 2000
Tentative NESQAF Meeting

Selected Commercial Events: November 4, 1999 Bob & Larry's Developer Retreat, @MSFT Waltham November 6, 1999 BNUG Windows NT Seminar @Eastman Software,296 Concord Rd,Billerica MA 9am-4pm November 8-10, 1999 User Interface 2000, Cambridge Marriott, Kendall Square, Cambridge March 23, 2000 Boston Quality Conference, Marriott Hotel, Burlington
Computer Education and Training: November 8-12, 1999 Microsoft Access 97 training, levels 1-3 November 9-11, 1999 CMU Capability Maturity Model course, Lexington November 12, 1999 Predictable Software Development Workshop, Best Western TLC, Waltham Powerpoint Animation, Interactivity, & Portability seminar, 9:00-5:00, Interactive Factory, Boston November 13 and 20, 1999 Delphi Intermediate Seminar, location TBA The IEEE Boston Section posts local courses at
Cambridge Center for Adult Education Call (617) 547-6789 or check the courses available at WorldTRAIN Online Classes
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