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Dec 7 2011 7:00 PM Building E51 Room 335 MIT Sloan School 

NOTE THAT OUR OFFICIAL ROOM IS 335 - but check the other rooms in that corridor!!!!!


  Praveen Aravamudham 

Subject:  Storyboarding

I spent a lot of time learning in the early days of iOS the concept of connecting NIB controls to code. I come from a C++ background where you specifically have to understand every functionality in your code even if you are inheriting third party classes. With iOS, I was told to simply connect controls to views and vice-versa without actually understanding how they all worked?? or what code is actually being generated to make all these connections work? I ended up manually creating each control in my view controller and wiring them up to the view controller through code and hence completely bypassed the entire IB section of developing an app. I was introduced to Storyboards in this year's WWDC and realized how easy it was to create controls and finally understand how these controls are wired up to their individual view controllers

Storyboards in iOS5 lets you get a better understanding of all your views on one single file (single design canvas) when compared to designing and wiring up NIB's which exist for each individual view controller.

Storyboards help in developing apps in the shortest amount of time and eliminates a lot of coding involved in wiring up the UI and helps you to focus more time in implementing models  in your app.

Some of the limitations on using storyboards are the inability to connect your view controller to the app delegate in case you need to reference it. Also, you need a big monitor to see the entire storyboard to get a better understanding in case your app requires several view controllers. If you do not mind using the < and > buttons, this limitation is offset.

I will be talking about how to create an app from scratch with storyboards to help you understand how storyboards work. It will be a hands-on talk, so bring your mac if you have to as I will be writing code and explain to you the various aspects of storyboards. I will be happy to assist you at the end of the talk if you are coding with me and need help.


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